My name is Oscar Romero and I am a software engineer who likes finding creative solutions to problems. This just in!!! also a proud Dad!

Recently I worked on SeeQR, an all-in-one SQL management tool built on Electron, Node.js, Typescript/Javascript, React. This product currently has over 500 stars on GitHub. I added the ability to connect to Amazon’s RDS databases. As an electron application, this was packaged for multiple operating systems as a desktop application. In addition, I used Docker to create a seeded database for testing, CI/CD was implemented via AWS Beanstalk and for deploying the product landing page.

Prior to SeeQR, I supported Scheduler, an open-source scheduling app for Fosterful, a non-profit that connects qualified volunteers with child welfare offices to provide a safe environment for children entering foster care. Scheduler is built using Docker,Rails, and Node.js. Deployed using Heroku. Monitored with CircleCI and Honey Badger.Before tackling software, I handled hardware as process engineer in the pharmaceutical industry.