Today I got a change to speak with Han Yu. I reached out after attending her presentation on the 2024 State of Compose, which was hosted by Shipyard.

Bonus Points Han remembered me from the talk because I was a very engaged audience member and had a question regarding build time with rails containers.

I was interested in digging into…

  • What are some atypical usage of docker compose and are there any examples to learn from?
    • Han:
      • CI - think workflows that test code in PR etc
      • massive compose configurations with multiple services
      • examples @ Awesome Compose
  • How can I contribute to docker compose
    • Han:
      • docker compose is pretty much stable ie not a lot of new feature being added
        • Mostly documentation issue
      • That being said cool new features include
        • watch
        • include
        • dry run
      • Consider contributing to
        • Awesome Compose
        • This is good idea because it has examples for many different languages and frameworks

While my meeting was short I did gain some new information. Next time I will try to write down everything as I am pretty sure I am forgetting something.