Guess what I am learning Go. It was always on my todo list but after getting a chance to work with Shipyard and attending state of Docker Compose talk, it really motivated me to actually start learning.

Reddit’s Go Community has an excellent pin listing GO resources. I happen to find Learn Go with Tests by Chris James

I already had Go Installed due to me trying out Hugo for a personal blog, but in the end Jekyll won cause it was built on Ruby :).

The premise of the book it to learn go by writing tests and have your failing red test turn into passing green test and lastly refactor.

I got through the intro chapter “Hello, World” last week but wanted to capture my notes before moving on.


  • What exactly are GO modules?
  • Public functions are identified with capitalized function names
  • private functions are identified with lowercased function names
  • There are no default parameters used in function declaration
  • variable assignment uses :=
  • constant assignment uses const "variable-name" = value